vCloud Director 9.0 is here!

On September, 28th VMware has released vCloud Director 9.0 for Service Providers.

This release brings a lot of interesting new features on both the Service Provider and Tenant side.

Here’s the list of the new features:

Service Provider Features

Edge Gateways Placement

The Service Provider can now choose a specific Cluster or Resource Pool for Edge Gateways placement.

Network Pool creation option

When you add a Provider vDC, you have the option to create a default VXLAN Network Pool or to use an existing Network Pool. You can create a Transport Zone in NSX that aligns with all your Clusters, as a result you can select this Transport Zone when you add a new Provider vDC.

PostgreSQL support

PostgreSQL is now supported by vCloud Director 9.0, other than Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.
Additionally, the Cell Management Tool can help you migrate from SQL Server or Oracle to PostgreSQL.

vCenter Guest OS and Hardware version consistency

vCloud Director 9.0 works more efficiently with vCenter to determine the hardware version supported for Virtual Machines.

vCloud-vCenter latency

The new supported latency between vCloud Director and the managed vCenter(s) is 100 ms.

Migrate Tenant between Storage Arrays

There are different cases where a Service Provider needs to migrate Tenant workloads to a different Storage (e.g. change in SLA, maintenance). Therefore, you can now live migrate all the Tenant objects (Virtual Machines, Catalogs, Images etc.) to a different Datastore.

Support for Virtual Volumes (vVOLs)

vCloud Director 9.0 adds support to Datastores that are created in vCenter using Virtual Volumes.

Tenant Features

New Tenant UI

vCloud Director 9.0 has a brand new HTML5 User Interface for Tenants. As a result, all the day-by-day operations like VM and Network creation has been extremely simplified.

Multisite Management

Tenants can manage different Organizations from different vCloud Director instances from the new single unified HTML5 User Interface.

Distributed Logical Router

Tenants can now create DLRs to route between different Organization vDC Networks.

Support for Trunked VLAN backed Networks

You can now create Organization Networks and External Networks backed by Trunked VLANs. Consequently, a Tenant can leverage Virtual Guest Tagging (VLAN tagging in the Guest OS).

Security Groups

vCloud Director 9.0 introduces Security Groups that help define security policies dynamically. As a result, a Tenant Admin can define a criterion to match individual Virtual machines via Security Groups and DFW policies can be applied to these Security Groups.
You can find all the information here:
vCloud Director 9.0 What’s New

Architecting a VMware vCloud Director Solution for VMware Cloud Providers

Recently, Tomas Fojta has updated his vCAT-SP document named “Architecting a VMware vCloud Director Solution for VMware Cloud Providers”.
The document now includes vCloud Director 8.10 and 8.20 releases with all their improvements, first of all the vCD 8.20 integration with NSX to provide advanced networking services to Tenants.

You can download the document in PDF format or view it online.

In my opinion, if you are a Cloud Architect involved in the design of a vCloud Director based Public Cloud, this document is especially relevant for you.

vCloud Director Solution for VMware Cloud Providers