vCloud Availability for vCloud Director

On July, 13th VMware has released version of vCloud Availability for vCloud Director.
Here you can find the release notes:
What’s new?

This release brings a new Service Manager Portal that enable a granular control of the DRaaS service with a Service Provider dedicated Dashboard.

The Service Provider Portal provides insights into:

  • Overall Resources allocation (CPU, RAM, Storage);
  • Storage consumption per Organization (Tenant);
  • Number of replications per Organization (Tenant);
  • Replication details (overall active replications, RPOs, storage consumption etc.);

Additional new features are a Reporting capability and additional management functionalities for cleanup of stale replications and migrations of failover replications to different storage.

Here’s the Login Screen of the new SP Portal:

The Summary Page gives you an overview of the Service, with the overall resource allocation and utilization, list of replications, detail of Top 10 vDCs based on Storage Utilization and Number of Replications.

The Inventory tab gives you a detailed view of all the Organizations with To-Cloud Replications, From-Cloud Replications and Number of vDCs. You can select a specific Organization to drill-down and see its details.

If you select an Organization, you can see the list of vDCs enabled for Replication and the “VM Replication Table”, the list of all replicated VMs showing the Test Recovery State, The RPO, the REcovery State and the Replication Status for every VM.
You can also filter between To.Cloud and From-Cloud replications or search for a specific VM.
vDC Detail

The Job Log Page gives you the detailed view of all the “Scrub Replication”, “Storage Migration” or Attach Storage” jobs.
You can filter by Job ID and search for specific jobs.
Job Log

What are Scrub Replication and Storage Migration jobs?
Looking at the Inventory page, you can see that every Organization has an “Action” column (gear button). Clicking on the gear pops up two possible actions, Scrub Stale Replication and Storage Migration.

Storage Migration is a wizard driven task that lets you migrate the replications to a different storage (i.e. Storage Policy).
Storage Migration

Scrub Stale Replications is also a wizard driven task that lets you cleanup the stale replications objects that may remain in place.

Last Topic: Reporting.
Back in the Home Page you can find the link to the Report Page.
A new Report is created automatically every 12 hours by default. This is modifiable.
You can manually download a new report accessing this page.